Zenden micro smoke mosquito

RM6.90 RM3.90

Best Black Mosquito repellent - Zenden micro smoke mosquito incense. 

1 box (10 coils) / 1 nest.
This mosquito repellent is very effective because: 1. Using meperfluthrin 0.8% second generation mosquito repellent, less toxic to humans but very toxic to mosquitoes.
This drug (transfluthrin family) has been passed over 50 countries (not a banned type that is harmful to humans)
and is often recommended in countries at risk of dengue and malaria outbreaks.

2. Micro-smoke is Zenden technology that emits finer smoke,

spreads quickly and easily enters the airways of mosquitoes and insects. 

Effect as fast as 1 minute if there is airflow.



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